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Sea Rigs

Sea Rigs

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In the anglingproshop.com online store you will find a wide range of top-class sea fishing tackle. Sea rigs fishing tackle are specialized rigs used primarily in saltwater fishing to catch small bait fish. They are designed to attract several fish at the same time, increasing the chances of a successful catch.

A typical rig consists of a main line, a few leads and small hooks. The main line is usually made of monofilament or fluorocarbon and is attached to a swivel at one end and a rod and reel at the other end. Leads, usually four to six in number, are short branches of the line extending from the main line. Each individual line is armed with a small, brightly colored fish skin or feather-like material known as a "skin fish", "flash" or "attractor". These materials are designed to mimic small baitfish and attract the attention of target species.

At the end of each line is a small barbed hook. Hooks are generally 6 to 12 gauge and are specifically designed for catching small baitfish. They often contain small pieces of shiny material or fish-shaped beads to enhance their appeal. Hooks are usually spaced a few centimeters apart on a lead to increase the chances of hooking several fish at the same time.

When using a sea rig, the angler drops the rig into the water and moves it up and down to create enticing movements. Flash materials and small hooks attract the attention of baitfish that gather around the rig. As the angler continues to move the rig, small fish are hooked onto the small hooks, allowing the angler to catch several bait fish at once.

Jigs are generally used by anglers who want to catch live bait fish for larger predatory fish species. They are particularly effective for catching species such as mackerel, herring, anchovies and sardines, which are popular bait fish when fishing in saltwater. Jigs come in a variety of sizes and designs to target a variety of baitfish and fishing conditions.

It is important to note that local fishing regulations and restrictions should always be followed when using seines or any other fishing gear to ensure sustainable and responsible fishing practices.

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