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Fishing poles are long rods, also known as "long rods" or "rubber rods", they are specialized fishing rods designed for specific fishing techniques. These rods are usually much longer than traditional fishing rods and are used to target small to medium sized fish in lakes, rivers and canals.

Features of the pole rods:

Length: Long fishing rods can vary in length, but are usually much longer than regular fishing rods. They can range from 4 meters (13 feet) to over 15 meters (50 feet) in length. The longer length allows anglers to extend their reach and access areas that are farther from shore.

Material: Most pole fishing rods are made of lightweight and durable materials such as carbon line (carbon) or fiberglass. These materials provide the necessary strength and flexibility to handle the length of the rod and the pressure exerted by the fish.

Stiffness: Long pole rods are designed to be very stiff to provide better control and accuracy while fishing. The firmness helps detect even the slightest peck or tug from a fish.

No reel: Unlike traditional fishing rods, long rods do not have a reel. Instead, they are designed to be used with a fixed-length line that is often attached directly to the rod tip. The fiber is usually pre-fastened or wound through small bobbins (bungs) lengthwise inside the line.

Elasticity: Long fishing rods often have elastic sections near the tip called "top sets" or "elastic tips". These elastic sections help absorb the shock of the fish's sudden movements and prevent the line from breaking.

Light Floats: Long rods are used with light floats that start at 0.1 to 2g. This setup is suitable for targeting small to medium sized fish commonly found in lakes and canals.

Technique: Pole fishing or trolling is the main technique used with long rods. This involves positioning the rod above the water and using a rocking motion to present the bait or lure. Anglers can manipulate the depth and movement of the bait by carefully controlling the position and angle of the rod.

Long pole fishing is popular with anglers who enjoy the simplicity and finesse of this float fishing technique. It offers a unique way of fishing at close range and is particularly effective for catching species such as karakuda, stapler, bream, perch and smaller carp.

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