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Jig Lures

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In our online store anglingproshop.com we have a solid variety of Jigs and Pilkers for fishing. Jigs and pilkers are popular fishing lures used by anglers all over the world, primarily in saltwater fishing, but also in some freshwater applications. These lures are designed to imitate baitfish or other prey species, attracting predatory fish and enticing them to attack.

Jigs: Jigs are all-purpose lures consisting of a weighted head and hook. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, allowing anglers to match local baitfish and conditions. The weighting gives the jig its characteristic action when pulled through the water. Jigs can be used with a variety of techniques including casting, jigging and vertical jigging.

Casting: Anglers throw a jig into the water and retrieve it by reeling it in. The retrieve can be steady or variable, mimicking the swimming motion of a baitfish. This method is effective in targeting a wide range of fish species.

Jigging: This technique involves lifting and dropping the jig vertically into the water column. Anglers use a rhythmic motion to make the jig mimic an injured or dying fish, attracting predatory fish from below. Jigging is usually used in deep water or around underwater structures.

Pilker: Pilkers are a specific type of jig commonly used in saltwater fishing, especially in northern European countries. They are designed to mimic small baitfish such as herring or sand eels. Pilkers have a simple body shape, often made of metal, with a treble hook at the rear end.

Pilkers are primarily used for vertical jigging, where they are dropped to the desired depth and then jigged up and down. The weight of the lure allows it to sink quickly, reaching deeper waters where predatory fish are often found. The lifting and dropping action of the pilker creates an enticing motion that attracts fish and induces strikes.

Both jigs and pilkers can be effective for a variety of species including but not limited to cod, sea bass, tuna and more depending on the fishing ground and target species. Anglers often experiment with different sizes, colors and retrieval techniques to find what works best for the particular conditions and fish they are targeting.

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