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Feeder rods

Feeder rods

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Feeder fishing rods

Feeder rods are specialized rods designed for feeder fishing, which is a popular technique for catching fish such as carp, bream, tench and other species that feed on the bottom. These rods are designed to be sensitive and have a good casting range, allowing anglers to accurately present the bait to the fish.

Here are some key features to consider when choosing a feeder rod:

Length: Feeder rods usually range in length from 2.70m to 4.50m. Longer rods offer better casting distance, control and peck detection, while shorter rods provide greater accuracy in tight spaces.

Power and Action: Feeder rods come in a variety of powers, usually categorized as light, medium or heavy. The strength of the rod determines its strength and ability to handle different sizes of fish. Action refers to how the rod bends under pressure, with options such as fast, medium or slow. Light to medium power rods with a fast or medium fast action are generally used for feeder fishing.

Casting weight: Feeder rods are designed for casting feeders specific in weight and shape, which have their own different purpose. Consider the weight range you intend to use and choose a rod that meets your requirements. It is essential to choose a rod that can handle exactly the weight you plan to cast.

Sensitivity: Feeder fishing often requires detecting fine bites, so a rod with good sensitivity is crucial. Look for a rod with a sensitive tip that allows you to feel even the slightest movements or signs of a fish.

Handle and reel seat: The handle of a feeder rod should be comfortable and provide a secure grip. Cork and EVA foam handles are commonly used. Also, make sure the reel seat is compatible with the reel you plan to use.

Material of construction: Feeder rods are usually made of materials such as carbon fiber, which provide strength, sensitivity and a lightweight design. Higher modulus carbon fiber is usually associated with more advanced and expensive rods.

Brand and Price: There are various reputable brands that produce feeder rods such as Vertis, Trabucco, Mitchell, Drennan, Preston Innovations, Shimano and Browning and others. Consider your budget and choose a rod that offers a good balance between quality and affordability.

Be sure to match a feeder rod with a suitable reel for the best performance. It's also helpful to research and consult experienced anglers or tackle shops for specific recommendations based on your fishing location and target species.

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