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Split rings

Split rings

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Fishing split rings are commonly used in fishing to attach hooks, lures and other end fittings to fishing rods. They are round metal rings with a small cut or split that allows you to open the ring and slide it onto the line or rig of your choice.

This is how split rings are commonly used in fishing:

Linking Hooks/Lures: Many hooks and lures come with a small hole designed to attach a ring. To attach the hook or lure, slide the split ring through the hole and then attach the line or other loop to the open end.

Attaching additional hardware: Rings are also used to attach additional hardware such as swivels, carabiners or hook baits. These hardware components often come with a small hole or attachment point that can be connected to the ring.

With fishing rings, you can easily change hooks, lures or other tackle without retying knots on your fishing line. They provide a reliable and secure connection, allowing the attached components to move freely and improve the action of the bait or lure.

When choosing fishing split rings, consider the following factors:

Size: Rings come in a variety of sizes, usually indicated by a numerical value. Choose a size that matches the strength and weight of your fishing tackle. Smaller rings are suitable for light tackle and fine fishing, while larger rings are used for heavier tackle and larger species of fish.

Material: Rings are usually made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant metals. Stainless steel rings are durable and can withstand exposure to water without rusting.

Strength: Consider the strength or test rating of the rings, which indicates their load-bearing capacity. Make sure the ring you choose is strong enough to handle the expected weight and fighting power of the fish you expect.

Ease of use: Rings come with a small gap or opening that makes it easy to slide them over the line or anchor point. This feature can be useful especially when working with smaller split rings or in low light conditions.

Make sure you choose high-quality fishing rings from reputable brands to ensure their reliability and durability.

Be sure to handle them with care as they can be sharp and cause injury if mishandled. Additionally, regular maintenance and fresh water rinsing after each fishing session can help prevent corrosion and extend the life of your fishing split rings.

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