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Fly fishing

Fly fishing

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Fly fishing lines or lines are specialized lines that are used for fishing with artificial flies. They are thin, light and have excellent abrasion resistance. Fly lines are made from a variety of materials, the most popular being monofilament (nylon), fluorocarbon, and braided lines (thread, braid).

Nylon fly lines and cords are durable and flexible. They are available in different durability classes, allowing the angler to choose the line that meets his needs for a particular fishing situation. They are good for beginner fly tyers as they are easier to handle and control, and less expensive.

Fluorocarbon fly lines are more invisible in the water, making them an excellent choice when fishing for highly anxious fish. They are heavier than nylon lines and are sometimes used as leaders to increase abrasion resistance.

Braided fly lines are created from high-tech materials that make them very strong and durable. They are thin and have excellent abrasion resistance. The braided lines are characterized by high sensitivity and precision when striking (peck) the fish.

It is important to choose the right line for the particular type of fishing and fish you are trying to catch. Different types of fly lines offer different characteristics and benefits that can increase your fishing success.

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