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Tents & Bivvies

Tents & Bivvies

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In the anglingproshop.com online store, you will find a wide range of Fishing Tents - They are portable structures designed to provide protection and shelter for anglers while engaged in fishing activities, especially during cold weather or ice fishing. These tents are generally lightweight, easy to set up, and offer insulation from the elements, allowing anglers to fish comfortably in a variety of environments.

Main features of fishing tents:

  • Construction: Fishing tents are usually made of durable materials such as polyester, nylon or canvas. Some models have reinforced floors for extra protection from cold ground and moisture.
  • Insulation: Many fishing tents are designed with insulated walls to retain heat and keep the interior warm during cold weather fishing trips. This is especially important for ice fishing as it helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the shelter.
  • Portability: Fishing tents are designed for easy transport. They can be folded or collapsed into a compact size, making them convenient to carry in a backpack or fishing tackle bag.
  • Setup: Most fishing tents use easy and quick setup mechanisms such as pop-up hubs or telescoping poles. This allows anglers to assemble the shelter quickly and easily, even in severe weather conditions.
  • Size and Capacity: Fishing tents come in different sizes, accommodating different numbers of anglers. Some tents are designed for single use, while others can accommodate two or more people, depending on size and design.
  • Windows and Vents: To provide ventilation and visibility, many fishing tents have windows or vents that can be opened or closed as needed.
  • Anchor systems: To prevent the tent from blowing away in the wind, most fishing tents come with anchor systems or stakes that secure the shelter to the ground.
  • Additional Features: Some fishing tents may have additional features such as storage pockets, tackle racks, and rod holders to keep your fishing gear organized and easily accessible.

Fishing tents & bivvies provide a convenient and comfortable shelter option for anglers who enjoy ice fishing or cold weather fishing. Not only do they protect anglers from the elements, they also enhance the overall fishing experience by providing a cozy and protected space to wait for the fish to peck.

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