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In the Angling PRO Shop online store you will find a wide range of Braided Line (PE) thread - a type of line that is constructed by weaving multiple strands of synthetic fibers together. It is known for its exceptional strength, durability and sensitivity, making it a popular choice among anglers for a variety of fishing techniques.

Its construction usually involves braiding several thin strands of synthetic materials such as Spectra, Dyneema, or polyethylene microfilaments. These materials are highly resistant to abrasion, UV rays and water absorption, providing excellent durability and reliability.

One of the distinguishing features of braided line is its small diameter/strength ratio. Compared to other types of fishing lines such as monofilament or fluorocarbon, braided lines have a smaller diameter while maintaining high tensile strength. This feature allows anglers to use thinner line, resulting in increased line capacity on the reel and better casting distance.

The braided design of the line contributes to its exceptional strength. The interlaced strands (most often 4 or 8) create a tight, compact structure that distributes the load evenly along the line, increasing its overall tensile strength. This feature is especially useful when fishing in situations that require a strong and reliable line, such as targeting large, powerful fish or fishing in rocks or overgrown areas where abrasion resistance is critical.

Another advantage of braided line is its high sensitivity. Due to its minimal stretch compared to other types of lines, PE lines (fibers) provide excellent bite detection and improve the angler's ability to feel even subtle strikes or changes in the underwater environment. This sensitivity is especially valuable for techniques such as jigging, spinning, bottom fishing or fine presentations that require delicate movements.

However, braided line also has a few considerations to keep in mind. Although it is very durable, its lack of stretch can make it more susceptible to breaking if sudden, powerful forces are applied. Also, its high visibility in the water can sometimes make the fish more wary, especially in clean, clear or high stress fishing situations. To mitigate this, anglers often use a fluorocarbon or monofilament lead to provide some invisibility near the bait or lure.

Overall, braided lines are a versatile and reliable choice for anglers looking for strength, durability, sensitivity and improved casting distance. Its unique properties make it suitable for a variety of fishing applications, ranging from freshwater to saltwater fishing and from fine techniques to heavy-duty fishing pursuits.

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