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Accessories & Care

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If you are an angler, there are several accessories and care you can consider for your fishing rods. Here are some of them:

Holdalls: Using a holdall to store and transport your rod is a good idea as it will protect it from injury and damage.

Reels and Pulleys: Keep reels and pulleys clean and well lubricated. Regular maintenance will ensure better operation of the mechanisms and a longer life of your reels.

Lines and Bands: Check the condition of your lines and bands regularly. If you notice damage or wear, it's a good idea to replace them. Choose lines and bands that are suitable for the types of fishing you practice.

Hooks and Bait: It depends on the type of fishing you are doing, but it is always good to have an assortment of hooks and bait on hand. A variety of hook sizes and types is important so that you can adapt to different conditions and types of fish.

Cleaning and storage: After every trip, it is important to clean the fishing rod and store it in a suitable place. Use mild detergents and sponges to remove dirt and corrosion. Store the fishing rod in a dry place, preferably vertically or horizontally, so that it does not deform.

Spare parts: It is always a good idea to have spare parts on your fishing rod, such as guides, tips and handles. This allows you to make quick and easy on-site repairs if necessary.

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