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Sleeping Bags & Pillows

Sleeping Bags & Pillows

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When preparing for fishing trips, having the right sleeping gear can greatly improve your comfort and overall experience.

Here are some considerations when choosing fishing sleeping bags, blankets and pillows:

Sleeping bags:

  • Temperature Rating: Choose a sleeping bag with an appropriate temperature rating based on the expected weather conditions during your fishing trip. Look for sacks that can withstand lower temperatures if you expect colder nights.
  • Weight and packability: Consider the weight and packability of the sleeping bag, especially if you will be backpacking to your fishing spot. Lightweight and compact sleeping bags are ideal for such situations.
  • Insulation Type: Sleeping bags come with different types of insulation, such as down and synthetics. Down provides an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, but can lose its insulating properties if it gets wet. Synthetic insulation performs better in wet conditions, but is usually a bit heavier.
  • Size and shape: Choose a sleeping bag that fits your height and body shape. Some sleeping bags have mummy shapes that reduce weight and increase warmth, while others have a more spacious rectangular design.


  • Extra warmth: If you prefer not to use a traditional sleeping bag, you can bring a warm blanket to cover your sleeping pad. Choose one that is lightweight and offers good insulation.
  • Versatility: A blanket can serve many purposes during your fishing trip. It can keep you warm at night, serve as a blanket while sitting around the campfire, or even function as an extra layer during the day.


  • Camping Pillows: There are specially designed camping pillows that are lightweight and pack in small sizes for easy transportation. They often inflate and deflate quickly for convenience.
  • Makeshift pillows: If you want to save space and weight, you can use spare clothes (eg a sack full of clothes) as a makeshift pillow.

Additional tips:

Make sure your sleeping pad provides enough insulation from the cold ground. This is essential to keep you warm and comfortable at night.

Consider the total weight of your equipment, especially if you need to carry it long distances.

Check the dimensions of the sleeping bag, especially if you are taller or wider, to ensure a comfortable fit.

Remember that fishing trips can involve a variety of weather conditions, so always check the forecast before packing your gear. It is better to be prepared for unexpected changes in temperature or rainfall.

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