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Spinning rods

Spinning rods

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Spinning rods for fishing

Spinning rods are a type of fishing rods that are designed for fishing with artificial lures, such as wobblers, spinners and others. They are made of light and flexible materials, such as carbon fiber or fiberglass, which allows them to be extremely sensitive and transmit even the most gentle movements of the lure to the angler.

Spinning rods have a length that can vary from about 1.5 meters to 3.6 meters or more, depending on fishing preferences and conditions. Shorter rods are better suited for fishing from a boat or shore, while longer rods are better suited for fishing from harbors or places where more casting distance is required.

Spinning rods are usually equipped with spools that have a smooth and precise system for winding the fiber. This allows the angler to cast with great accuracy and control the movement of the lure while fishing.

The choice of spinning rod depends on many factors, including the purpose of fishing, the type of fish to be caught and the preferences of the angler. Each manufacturer offers different models and series of spinning rods, which are distinguished by their design, materials, length, action (degree of flexibility) and other characteristics.

Before choosing a spinning rod, it is good to consult a specialist in a fishing shop or an experienced angler who can provide you with advice and recommendations depending on your specific case.

There are several basic types of spinning rods, which differ in length, action and material of construction. Here are some of them:

Ultra-Light Spinning Rods: These rods are extremely flexible and light. They are used for fishing smaller fish with strong action and require thin monofilament or fluorocarbon line or very thin PE line.

Light Spinning Rods: These rods are suitable for fishing medium-sized fish such as pike, bass, trout and others. They usually have a flexible stock and can be used with thicker monofilament or oval line or PE thread.

Medium Spinning Rods: These rods are stiffer and have more power than light spinning rods. They are suitable for fishing larger fish such as bream, catfish, snapper and others.

Heavy Spinning Rods: These rods are very strong and powerful. They are designed for fishing large fish such as tuna, shark, large catfish and other marine species.

Telescopic Spinning Rods: These rods have sections that extend and fold, making them easy to carry and store. They are available in different lengths and stocks, but due to their many splices, they are weaker in strength.

  • Here are some more types of spinning rods:

Jigging Spinning Rods: These rods are specially designed for jig fishing. They are usually shorter and stiffer, with more power to withstand the rigors of jig fishing.

Saltwater Spinning Rods: These rods are specially designed for saltwater fishing such as sea fishing. They are made of corrosion resistant materials and are longer and stronger to handle bigger and stronger fish.

These are just a few of the different types of spinning rods that can be used for different fishing styles and conditions. It is always important to choose a rod that suits your needs and preferences, as well as the types of fishing you practice.

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