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Fishing swivels are small, rotating devices used in fishing tackle to prevent line from twisting and tangling. They consist of two rings connected by a hinge joint that allows them to rotate freely. One end of the swivel is attached to the main line and the other end is connected to the lead or rig.

The main purpose of a fishing reel is to prevent the line from twisting when reeling in your catch or when your bait or lure is spinning in the water. Twisted line can lead to tangles and knots, reducing the effectiveness of your presentation and increasing the chances of the fiber breaking.

By using a swivel, the spinning force caused by the movement of your bait or lure is absorbed by the swivel, allowing the fishing line to remain untwisted. In addition, swivels can be used to connect multiple lines, such as when using a float or cleat.

Swivels come in a variety of sizes and designs, including shaft swivels, bearing swivels and carabiner swivels. Rotating drums are the most common type and are usually made of metal. Swivel ball bearings are designed with small ball bearings inside to provide smoother rotation and increased strength. Carabiner swivels are commonly used in saltwater fishing and have a compact design that offers improved performance in heavy duty applications.

When choosing a fishing reel, consider factors such as the size and strength of the reel, the type of fishing you will be doing, and the durability test rating of your line. It is essential to choose a swivel that matches the strength of the rod to ensure that it can withstand the weight and force exerted during your fishing activities.

Be sure to check and replace your swivels regularly as they can wear out over time and lose their effectiveness.

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