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Whip rods

Whip rods

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Whip fishing rods

When we talk about a Whip rod, you're probably talking about an ultra-lightweight or telescoping rod known as a Direct Telescope with extensions. The rod is light, flexible and usually has a very sensitive tip.

Whip rods are designed for fishing in small bodies of water, such as lakes or streams, where accuracy and finesse are essential. They are often used to catch small fish such as trout, walleye, redfin and others where a delicate presentation of the rigging and bait is required.

These rods are usually very long (6, 7, 8 m.) and have a telescopic design that allows them to collapse to a compact size for easy transport. Their length provides extended reach for precise casting and control.

These Whip rods are popular with anglers who enjoy the challenge of finesse fishing and targeting smaller species of fish. They require a light cast and are designed to detect even the slightest peck or movement from the fish.

Note that rods are specialized and may not be suitable for all types of fishing. They are best suited for specific scenarios where finesse and sensitivity are critical.

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