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Trolling rods

Trolling rods

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When trolling from a boat, it is important to choose a suitable rod that can handle the heavy loads and provide enough sensitivity to detect the strikes of the fish. Here are some of the main features to look for in a trolling rod:

  1. Length: Choose a rod between 1.8 and 3.3 meters in length. Longer rods generally offer better distance and control when trolling.
    Durability: It is important to choose a fishing rod that is made of strong material and can withstand heavy loads. Trolling rods are usually heavier and stronger than regular rods.
  2. Action: Choose a rod with medium or heavy action. This will provide enough flexibility and sensitivity to detect fish strikes and handle strong movements. 
  3. Rod Material: Popular trolling rod materials include fiberglass, carbon fiber, and a combination of the two. Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger, while fiberglass rods are more flexible and more economical.
  4. Handle: Choose a rod with a comfortable and reliable handle that will allow you to hold the rod firmly and comfortably at all times.
  5. Guides: Make sure the line is equipped with high-quality, strong guides that will ensure smooth line movement and prevent premature wear.
  6. Multi-piece or single-piece: Multi-piece rods are more practical to carry and store, but single-piece rods are stronger and provide better sensitivity when feeling strikes.
  7. Roller Leaders: For trolling fishing where you use thicker lines and strong fish, you can choose a rod with roller leaders. They prevent tangles and reduce fiber friction, especially when using multifilament PE threads.
  8. Rod power: Depending on the types of fish you most often catch when trolling, you may want to choose a rod with the appropriate power. A heavier line is needed for big and strong fish, while a lighter line can be used for smaller fish.
  9. Reel Compliance: Make sure the rod matches the reel you will be using. Trolling rods are usually used with powerful multi-bearing reels that can handle heavy loads.
  10. Price: Finally, determine your budget and compare the prices of different rod models. There is a wide range of fishing rods on the market with different price ranges, so you can find a fishing rod that suits your needs and preferences.
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