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Hard Lure Evas Lures NEEDLE 140

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Delivery toSKUColor
up to 14 daysL 99006Pink
up to 14 daysL 99001Red Head
up to 14 daysL 99002Red Fly Fish
up to 14 daysL 99003Dorado
up to 14 daysL 99004Chartreuse Orange
up to 14 daysL 99005Baracuda
up to 14 daysL 99007Mackerel
up to 14 daysL 99008White Pearl
up to 14 daysL 99009Blue Sardine
up to 14 daysL 99010Saori
up to 14 daysL 990011Mullet
up to 14 daysL 99015Chartreuse Orange Green Head
up to 14 daysL 99014Purple Back Silver
up to 14 daysL 99016Rooster
up to 14 daysL 99012Blue Back Silver
up to 14 daysL 99017White Lemonade
up to 14 daysL 99018Pink Lemonade
up to 14 daysL 99019Orange Lemon

EVAS Needle 140 is a hand-made, highly refined surface pencil lure that imitates one of the most common fish in the sea - Garfish, especially the small size, which is the most common prey for the both predators - Blue Fish and Sea Bass. With its varied movements when leading, it is suitable to be used both for faster wiring with the most active fish, and for slower leading with more apathetic fish. Its extremely aerodynamic shape and weight of 12 grams allow it to be cast at very long distances with a light rod. The length of the lure is 14 cm and it is equipped with stainless steel wire throughout the body. The handmade lures have a unique finish that dulls the instinct of predators and provokes them to a ferocious attack. Each wobbler is protected by several layers of extremely strong varnish. Compared to other handmade surface lures, EVAS models are offered at much more competitive prices and at a uniquely high quality! They are made by a Serbian craftsman, who is copied even by prominent Italian manufacturers of wobblers... Lures are available without hooks, and the manufacturer recommends rigging them with #4 or #6 marine trebles depending on the predators sought. "FISH & TACKLE" store chain is an official distributor of EVAS baits. We personally recommend the EVAS Needle for both shore and boat spin fishing. The price of the lure, considering the manual labor involved and the precision craftsmanship, is quite good.

Hard Lure Evas Lures NEEDLE 140

Hard Lure Evas Lures NEEDLE 140

€ 23.01 Out of Stock
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